How to Create Videos to Attract More Customers – and Things to Avoid

With so many blogs on the Internet, it can become very difficult to get a foothold in this market and build a strong following through blogging. If that is the case for you, or you don’t particularly enjoy writing, there is another option…video content.


Prospects tend to prefer videos as they require less energy to consume, are shorter to get through and because know the length of each video; it increases their likelihood of viewing. Compare that to a blog article that has several long paragraphs and thousands of words – it can be quite off-putting for some.


Furthermore, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy your affiliate products after watching a video. But what do you know about creating videos to attract new clients?


Here’s the dos and don’ts you should implement with your casino affiliate video marketing strategy.


Do keep your videos short

Reports show that user engagement drops greatly after the 60 second mark on videos. Shorter videos are more likely to be viewed as they can be consumed quickly and the prospect can go on with their day.

Source: Wista

Don’t be cold or boring

Being professional or dressing in a suit is not the way to conduct your marketing videos. Your customer demographic are people who enjoy casino games, how do you think they want to be addressed?


When deciding on your tone and voice, picture yourself meeting one of your customers and talking to them in a public space, how would you speak? This is how you should come across in your videos.
Friendly, laid back and personal is the best approach.


Do provide value

The objective behind creating video content is to attract new customers, but you can’t do that by simply promoting your products. You will not come across as honest, and that’s big in this industry.


You need to gain their trust – you do this by offering high value video content.


To give you an example, if you’re offering poker deals for our online card room, short informative videos on how to play Texas Hold’em, the correct poker terminology or even a how-to guide on how to join a poker table and buy-in on Ladbrokes will be of value to new players.


By showing your expertise in the business, you display yourself as an authority and someone to be trusted.


Don’t go in like an amateur

Nowadays, anyone can create a video and upload it to the Internet, but this doesn’t mean everyone should. A low quality video, poor lighting or crackling audio will brand you in a negative light and prospects will go elsewhere.


Always film your videos in a quite space with a clear background. You can create high quality videos using a camera phone, just make sure it’s in a fixed position to avoid shake.


Pro-tip: Always have a script ready before you film, your content will flow better and avoid you saying ‘hmmm’ every few seconds.


Do measure your results

Platforms like YouTube offer several useful analytical metrics on all your videos. they will reveal which videos are viewed the most, which receive the highest click-through rates and how people found your video.


Perhaps you created a few how-to guides around the Ladbrokes platform and find they receive 85% more views than the rest of your content. Using this data, it would make perfect sense to create more how to guides for different areas of the casino to generate more leads.


Don’t forget to place links and call-to-actions

Why are you creating videos? To get more prospects!

Filming short videos that provide prospects with value is great, but what next?  YouTube have introduced YouTube cards which let you to place links back to your website and social media channels.


Once they consume your video, the next logical step of  the process is to either acquire their email address or get them to visit your website where they can sign-up. Every video you create should have your website link in the description and at the end of the video.



The typical life of a video is around 4 years with the average person spending 88% more time on websites that contain videos:


Source: NYC Corporate Video Production


What are your current methods for generating new clients? Have you ever thought about using video marketing as a way to reach out and grab new players?