Why Every Affiliate Needs Emailing Marketing

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter may seem to be getting all the attention in the marketing world, but are not as effective as email marketing when it comes to nurturing your players or offering new and exciting offers.


Smart Insights revealed that £21.48 is generated in revenue on average for every £1 spent on email marketing.



Quite impressive!


So then, how can you use email marketing to attract more players and make greater profits?


1. Use opt-in forms on your website

If you manage your own website or blog, placing opt-in forms allowing prospects to give you their email address is one of the best ways to build an email list. You should place at least one opt-in form at the end of each blog post, mentioning if they want to keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates, to sign-up now.


Sometimes offering a really cool lead magnet such as a simple free guide on how to play poker or blackjack is a useful method to gaining emails, as some prospects will not be keen on handing over their email for nothing.


You probably receive a lot of ‘come and go traffic’; these are visitors who land on your website, visit a few pages, then leave without signing up and never visit again.  Placing opt-in forms or using a lead magnet is a great strategy to grab such prospects.


2. Segment your players

As a Ladbrokes’ casino affiliate, you will have a number of customer profiles. For example, some will be poker players, others who focus solely on sports-betting while some will enjoy casino games.


It’s never a good idea to group all email contacts into one list and send out generic emails. What value would sports betting emails give to poker players? None.


Segmenting your list into smaller categories allows you to send targeted emails to each group. This increases email open rates while reducing the amount of people who unsubscribe.


A growing list that opens your emails ensures you reach more players with your offers and content.


3. Place an offer in your welcome email

Did you know the most opened email you ever send is your welcome email?


The typical email newsletter receives around 23% of opens while the average welcome email doubles that at 50%. Instead of welcoming your new players with generic thanks for signing up message, why don’t you place several cool affiliate offers enticing them to sign-up?


What overall effect is your current welcome email having on conversions? Is it time to change?


4. Do use a email automation tool

When running any sort of email marketing campaign, you should always use an email marketing tool. Answering and replying to emails through Hotmail or Gmail is not as effective, their serviceability is quite poor, contacts are hard to manage and you look less professional.


Mailchimp is a great email tool and offers a forever free plan for email lists of under 500 contacts, and very cost-effective pricing plans for larger lists. They allow you to create mobile friendly emails, measure how responsive contacts are to your emails, create awesome sign-up forms and help you create automated emails.


Mailchimp has a host of analytical features that will help you send better and targeted emails.



When you visit an online store, do you ever wonder why they have pop-up banners to get your email address or offer a lead magnet for your details? Why don’t they push you to join their Facebook or Twitter account, or to follow them elsewhere?


It’s because email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in online marketing, and something all affiliates need to utilise.  How is your current email marketing strategy working for you? Is it time you took email marketing serious?



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